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Dietary Speciality #1

This is an example of our summer gluten, wheat and dairy free menu.:-

Their is also a list of homemade luxuries including an ever changing list of cakes, pies and crumbles....

Traditional devonshire gluten free cream teas are now available.
(menu's are subject to change)


Homemade Soup of the Day (GF& WF) £3.95
Served with gluten free bread.

Nachos with melted cheese (GF & WF) £4.25
Served with a salsa dip

Prawn Cocktail (GF/WF/DF) £4.25
Served with gluten free high fibre bread & butter

Garlic Bread (GF/WF/DF) £1.95

Cheesy Garlic Bread (GF/WF) £2.50

Side Orders

Large portion of Chips (GF/WF/DF) £1.95

Cheesy Chips (GF/WF) £2.50

Garlic Bread (GF/WF/DF) £1.95

Cheesy Garlic Bread (GF/WF) £2.50

Sautéed Mushrooms (GF/WF/DF) £1.00

Heinz Baked Beans (GF/WF/DF) £1.00

Homemade Coleslaw (GF/WF/DF) £1.00

Garlic mayonnaise dip (GF/WF/DF) .75p

Sweet Chilli dip (GF/WF/DF) .75p

Salsa Sauce (GF/WF/DF) .75p

Main Courses

Chicken Meltdown (GF/WF) £10.95

A chicken fillet topped with a rasher of back bacon with cheese melted over the top
Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables or chips and peas

Trio of Gluten Free Sausages (GF/WF/DF) £7.95
Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables or chips and peas

Spaghetti Bolognese (GF/WF/DF) £9.95
Homemade and served with gluten free garlic bread

Chilli Con Carne (GF/WF/DF) £8.50

Homemade and served with rice & Nachos

Ham, Egg & Chips (GF/WF/DF) £8.95
2 generous slices of home cooked ham, served with chips and 2 fried eggs

Haddock, Chips & Peas (GF/WF/DF) £7.95
Pan fried haddock - not in breadcrumbs or batter unless pre-ordered

Salads (GF/WF/DF) £7.95
choose from one of the following:
Served with a slice of gluten free bread
Tuna Mayonnaise


All our meats are sourced locally and are English. They are served grilled to your liking on a flame grill.

All are gluten, wheat and dairy free except for the Diane, Pepper and Blue cheese sauce which are not dairy free

8oz Rump Steak £11.95

8oz Sirloin Steak £12.95

10oz Gammon Steak £9.95
Served with fresh pineapple and a fried egg

Grilled Chicken Fillet £8.95

Cajun Chicken Fillet £8.95

Homemade Sauces £2.00

Diane (GF/WF)
Pepper (GF/WF)
Blue Cheese (GF/WF)
Salsa (GF/WF/DF)

The above are served with grilled tomato
and sauteéd mushrooms, With a choice of chips and salad or
new potatos,and vegetables

*Please note all weights are approximate before cooking

Smaller Appetite Menu

Please ensure that the waiter or waitress is aware that you are ordering a meal off this smaller appetite menu.

All are gluten free, wheat free and dairy free

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese £6.50

Homemade Chilli Con Carne £6.50
Served with rice

4oz Rump Steak, Chips and Peas £6.50
Served with chips or new potatoes and salad or peas

5 oz Gammon Steak £5.95
Served with chips and peas and either a fried egg or fresh pineapple

1 Pork Sausage £4.50
Served with mashed potatoes or chips and vegetables, peas or a salad garnish and gravy

Ham, Egg and Chips £6.50

1 generous slice of home cooked ham, served with chips and a fried egg

Vegetarian Options

Homemade Mushroom Stroganoff (GF/WF) £8.95
Served with rice

Homemade Vegetable Goulash (GF/WF/DF) £8.95
Served with rice

Homemade Ratatouille with Rice (GF/WF/DF) £7.95
Served with a gluten free bread

And Especially for Children

Fish Fingers (GF/WF/DF) £4.50
3 fish fingers served with chips and baked beans or new potatoes & peas

Sausage & Egg (GF/WF/DF) £4.50
1 pork sausage served with chips and baked beans or new potatoes and peas